Amy Swift “Moving” Digital Single Cover Art

We helped a new artist get moving with her debut release.

Amy Swift is a UK singer/songwriter. After fronting British Soul/Electronic band Pacific State for Universal Music, she has embarked on a career as a solo artist. Cover Your Tracks designed cover art for her debut single, “Moving” on Ferocious Label Services.

The brief:

To create a stylistically appropriate image for the single cover art. It should reflect the feel and mood of the music, and create interest around the artist.

The results:

Positive reception to the artwork both internally and externally, favourable reviews throughout online music press.


Cover art design
Digital pack shot creation

Covering the blues

In approaching the brief we set out to create a cover image with gravitas and drama. We felt this would be appropriate to the music – brooding, blues-infused trip-hop – and would also fit the artist’s image.

Inspired by iconic album artwork through the years, we set about creating a cover with a similar feel.

Setting the mood

Utilising photography supplied by the client, we created several initial options, each with a focus on the artists’ face. The rationale was to design the single cover art for impact, as listeners would typically see the pack shot on streaming services. Therefore the cover art needed to generate cut-through.

We created a blue wash to capture the mood of the music, and settled on narrow, sans-serif typography to make best use of the space.

amy swift single cover art